A part of the family: An unopened bottle of the original Taunus-Tropfen, an unexpected discovery during their research, was purchased at an auction house in England. Since then, it has been guarded like a precious little treasure.

During the renovation of grandma Wilma’s house in the Taunus village of Heftrich, a small broken bottle was found under the old floorboards. On the faded label, the writing “Taunus-Tropfen” was barely visible. The local carpenter still knew the herbal semi-bitter from earlier days and told Thomas and Dave that it was most likely produced or at least sold as Taunus-Tropfen in the 1970s in Schmitten, which is located directly below the Feldberg.

How it all began ...

The result of the “excavation” inspired the two and stuck in their minds. Thomas, who grew up in the rather rural Idsteiner region, and Dave, who grew up on the outskirts of the metropolis of New York, were certain: they wanted to bring the Taunus-Tropfen back to life. As different as their backgrounds may seem at first, their love of the Taunus is what they have in common! For some, the Taunus has always been home, for others, the Taunus has become home.

From the very beginning, the goal of the new release was to macerate a herbal liqueur from premium natural ingredients using every means imaginable. Four years had to pass before this dream was made reality, but the two Taunus fans were that much prouder when they held their first bottle of the newly created Taunus-Tropfen in their hands.

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