Taunus-Tropfen Kräuterlikör | Premiumflasche 0,5 L

"A traditional herbal liqueur from home with the pure taste of nature".

Traditional and innovative,
sophisticated yet down-to-earth.

How it all began…

During the renovation of Grandma Wilma’s house in the Taunus village of Heftrich, a small broken bottle was found under the old floorboards. On the faded label, the words “Taunus-Tropfen” were barely legible. The local carpenter remembered the herbal semi-bitter from earlier times and told Thomas and Dave that it was most likely produced, or at least sold, as Taunus-Tropfen in the early 70s in Schmitten, just below the Feldberg. The result of the “excavation” inspired both of them and stayed with them.

Thomas, who grew up in the more rural Idstein region, and Dave, who grew up on the outskirts of New York, knew they wanted to bring the Taunus-Tropfen back to life. As different as their backgrounds may seem, their love of the Taunus is what they have in common! For some, the Taunus has always been home; for others, the Taunus has become home.

To macerate a herbal liqueur from the finest natural ingredients, using all possible means, was the goal from the very beginning. It took four long years before this dream to became reality, but the two Taunus fans were all the more proud when they held their first bottle of the newly created Taunus-Tropfen.

A distillery dating back to 1700

Nestled in the Taunus hills, overlooking the Feldberg, lies the village of Dauborn. In this village, known for its centuries-old tradition of grain distillation, we found a partner in the Kilian Distillery. The Kilian Distillery has been family-owned since 1700 and is dedicated to the art of distilling and maceration. In the creation of their products, the highest quality of ingredients, care in the distillation and maceration processes, balanced cask ageing and many other fine details are always at the forefront.

In collaboration with the traditional family business, a handcrafted herbal liqueur has been created, produced exclusively in small batches, which certainly sets it apart from the rest.

It can be enjoyed on the rocks for a subtle, smooth taste, or straight up for a more herbal flavour. The choice is yours.

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A unique product from the Taunus: deep forests full of natural monuments, high peaks and sweeping valleys inspire the authentic taste of our herbal liqueur. Macerated with fresh spring water from the “Golden Grund”, it brings a bit of the Taunus to every bottle.


Carefully selected botanicals in perfect harmony: the complex aromas of herbs, liquorice root, limousine wood, local berries and other fine ingredients give our Taunus Tropfen its distinctive character.


With precision, craftsmanship and heart, our herbal liqueur is produced in small batches using traditional methods and bottled by hand. Cold macerated and stored for several weeks, it matures to a very distinctive calibre.

Where can I buy a bottle of Taunus-Tropfen, you ask?

Unfortunately we can only distribute in Germany at the moment. However, we are working on the possibility of
selling our Taunus-Tropfen beyond our borders. If you would like more information on how to get your own bottle, or if you have distributor information, please contact Dave at: db@taunus-tropfen.de.

Zum Wohl.

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